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Traveling Crew



Responsible for operating and maintaining trucks in order to move equipment and crews from one point to another. Must be able to read google maps and relay on map reading skills.




  • Operate industrial trucks, lifts, booms, and spray equipment.

  • May drive high lift trucks, forklift trucks; high lift trucks, high lift platform trucks.

  • Move heavy crates, drums, and boxes.

  • Use tow bars to pull small trailers.

  • Estimate distances accurately.

  • Clean and maintain vehicle.

  • Lubricate truck, recharge batteries, or fill fuel tank.

  • Use devices such as forklift, boom,  fork-grapple, clamps, elevating platform, or trailer hitch, to push, pull, lift, stack, tier, or move products, equipment.

  • Read Maps.

  • Create time efficient routes.

  • Check in with Project Managers and office

Send your curriculum vitae by Email with job title in subject to:

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