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Sales Representative



Responsible for building and maintaining customer relationships. Sets personal goals and follows our personal tailored plan to achieve those goals by selling the companies services. Communicates with the sales manager about their sales performance and communicates upcoming jobs to the production manager.




  • Direct distribution of product or service.

  • Develop and follow up on leads.

  • Cold call, direct market, and perform other lead generation activities.

  • Work within a sales team.

  • Set sales goals, and follow training programs designed for the organization’s sales representatives.

  • Research and study on ways to improve their sales performance.

  • Follow scripts. Maintain contact with customers.

  • Ensure customer satisfaction.

  • Travel to different locations to make sales calls.

  • Arrange for travel.Attend sales meetings.

  • Maintain reports.

  • Generate numbers for company to determine if personal sales goals have been met.

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