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Regional Manager



Responsible for overseeing the sales department within a company or organization. Sets local and regional sales quotas, manages sales support staff and representatives, and advises company about sales performance.




  • Direct distribution of product or service.

  • Develop and follow up on business leads.

  • Cold call, direct email, and perform other lead generation activities.

  • Manage team of sales staff.

  • Assign sales territories, set sales goals, and establish training programs for the organization’s sales representatives.

  • Set sales quotas.

  • Advise the sales representatives on ways to improve their sales performance.

  • Develop scripts.

  • Oversee regional and local sales managers and their staffs.

  • Maintain contact with dealers and distributors.

  • Analyze sales statistics gathered by their staffs to determine sales potential and inventory requirements and to monitor customers' preferences.

  • Ensure customer satisfaction.

  • Travel to different locations to make sales calls.

  • Arrange for travel.

  • Attend and preside over sales meetings.

  • Maintain reports.

  • Generate numbers for company to determine if sales goals have been met.

  • Hire, train, and lead sales representatives.

  • Develop motivational material.

  • Create prizes and other incentives for sales reps to meet their goal.

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